Hysteroscopy services offered in Bluffdale, UT


Hysteroscopy is a powerful diagnostic tool that can guide your treatment planning process. At South Valley Women’s Health Care in Bluffdale, Utah, a team of experienced women’s health specialists offers this simple procedure as one of many options designed to get you on track for a safe and successful treatment. Booking a visit is as easy as a quick phone call or a few moments online, so don’t delay. 

Hysteroscopy Q & A

How does hysteroscopy work?

Hysteroscopy is a wonderful diagnostic tool that helps your women’s health specialist gain a better visual assessment of your vaginal, cervical, and uterine tissues. It’s a minimally invasive procedure that can guide and inform your treatment path. 

A hysteroscope is a thin tube equipped with a bright light. A camera on the tubing gathers high-definition imaging that’s projected onto an external screen. The device also provides magnification to closely check for tissue abnormalities. 

Your gynecologist carefully inserts the hysteroscope into your vagina and past your cervix. Next, carbon dioxide gas or a saline solution is introduced, which works to expand your uterus so your specialist can get a better view of the lining. 

If minor surgical alteration is necessary, thin surgical tools can be guided through the tubing to make those changes. Hysteroscopy may be performed using local or general anesthesia. 

What is the purpose of hysteroscopy?

The purpose of hysteroscopy is to give your practitioner the chance to visually inspect the lining of your uterus. Most commonly, this procedure is done to diagnose abnormal menstrual bleeding. 

Some additional uses for hysteroscopy include:

  • Removing polyps 
  • Removing uterine fibroids
  • Identify the cause of repeated miscarriage
  • Treating adhesions
  • Locate an intrauterine device (IUD)
  • Remove placental tissue that remains after childbirth

If your gynecologist believes that hysteroscopy is a good fit for your needs, you’ll discuss the process in detail before moving forward. In many cases, this minimally invasive approach is a great alternative to more involved, open surgical procedures. 

Hysteroscopy is not performed in the South Valley Women’s Health Care office, so your provider can explain more about where your procedure will take place.  

Is hysteroscopy a painful process?

Everyone has a unique experience with hysteroscopy. The degree of discomfort that may accompany the procedure depends on several factors. Whether you’ve given birth before, your anxiety about the procedure, and the length of time of your procedure can all play a role in determining how much discomfort you might experience. 

Your South Valley Women’s Health Care practitioner strives to make your hysteroscopy procedure as comfortable as possible. This includes choosing the right form of anesthesia for your needs. 

If you have additional questions about hysteroscopy, call the office to schedule a one-on-one visit. Online booking is also available and takes just moments to complete.